This Panama Eco-Village is Being Built From Plastic Bottles

A green community in the middle of the jungle.

Jul 11, 2016
Plastic Bottle Village

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Want to live near one of Central America's most gorgeous beaches and leave your own mark on the world at the same time? Well, an environmentally-conscious community in Panama is making that possible by building a village of homes made out of recycled plastic bottles. The groundbreaking technique in eco-building uses plastic bottles as its main insulation inside of concrete walls (and can be used to build everything from swimming pools and roads to shelters and agriculture waterways).

The mastermind behind the Plastic Bottle Village, Canadian expat Robert Bezeau, envisions building more than just houses - he wants to create an entire training center where interested parties can learn the various ways that plastic bottles can be repurposed. The eco-community itself is set on 83 acres of jungle on Colón Island, stretching from the sea and Boca del Drago's famous Starfish Beach. The plastic bottle homes are built to last: they are earthquake-resistant (!) and stay cool in warm temperatures, so there is no need for air conditioning, and in addition to conserving energy, the community is solar-friendly.

Through three development phases, the village will consist of 120 homes, an eco-lodge, a yoga/exercise pavilion, hiking trails, communal parks, freshwater streams and a choice between hilltop ocean views and secluded tropical jungle. So go ahead and take your pick, and neutralize your negative footprint while coexisting with nature.

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