This Powerful Way of Saying Thank You Moved Millions

Gratitude is personified with 'The Thank You Project'

May 3, 2017


This Powerful Way of Saying Thank You Moved Millions | Gratitude is personified with 'The Thank You Project'

There are few things in life that have as much impact as birth and death, and in the case of Kellie Haddock, the two universal poles have played a roller coaster ride of a part in her young life thus far. In 2004, just weeks after giving birth to her first child, her husband was in a fatal car crash that took his life instantly and left their newborn son's health at the mercy of a medical staff that went on to save him against all odds. 

Ten years later, Haddock decided to track down the whole staff and thank them for everything they did for her son, Eli, in the aftermath of the crash. What later became known as "The Thank You Project" was documented in a video that follows Haddock meeting with the doctors and nurses who enabled Eli's road to recovery. The reunions are extremely heartfelt and emotional and the video has since amassed five million views and counting.

This beautiful project is a testament to seeking the silver lining in even the darkest of life's most trying experiences and teaches us all that showing and accepting gratitude, especially in the most unexpected moments, displays one of humanity's greatest truths.

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