This Rapper's Latest Song Is an Ode to Natural Beauty [VIDEO]

Show me something natural like a** with some stretch marks.

Apr 5, 2017

Kendrick Lamar has been a household name in American hip hop for over half a decade now and has often been praised for celebrating women in his songs. The 29-year-old managed to surprise all of his fans when he suddenly released the video to his song Humble without prior warning.

The video to his latest song received a lot of attention for its striking imagery, but it's the lyrics that got the internet all excited and Lamar received a lot of cheer for his celebration of natural beauty and stretch marks over airbrushed photoshop perfection.

I’m so f**king sick and tired of the Photoshop.
Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor.
Show me something natural like a** with some stretch marks.

This short verse launched a string of self-love declarations on Twitter and earned Lamar loads of applause from his female following. More and more brands are deciding to forego photoshopping their models nowadays, but with the majority of pop culture still celebrating perfection over natural imperfection, Lamars bold words are a welcome and much-needed statement celebrating natural beauty.

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