This Restaurant Charges the Rich and Feeds the Poor

Inside Madrid's Robin Hood homeless cafe


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Eating dinner out in a restaurant is one of life's simplest pleasures, and surely taken for granted by most of the people who get to go out to eat on a regular basis. But one new restaurant in Spain, named Robin Hood, is doing things a bit differently.

With four branches already open, the latest in Madrid, the business model is one that uses its revenue from serving daily breakfast and lunch to cover the costs of preparing and serving free dinners to the homeless every night. While its delicious menu options are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, it is its dedication to providing and serving the homeless that has launched its name into the spotlight. The brainchild of Reverend Angel Garcia Rodriguez, who is the president of Messengers of Peace, a non-profit organization, has sought out ways to aid disenfranchised communities all over the world for the majority of his life.

By night, Robin Hood exclusively serves the local homeless community in two dining slots, and the people arrive in droves for a dignified meal, set with proper cutlery and a waitstaff catering to their needs, enabling them to enjoy a dinner completely set apart from typical soup kitchen fare.

The whole experience is one that, for a couple of hours a day, pulls them away from their harsh reality and gives them an encouraging sense of humanity and hope. Reverand Rodriguez has a made a strong, positive impact on the community and hopes to further the concept by inviting celebrity chefs to cook and branch out to opening more establishments in Spain and America.

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