This Rio 2016 Paralympics Preview Has All the Feels [VIDEO]

Superhumans indeed.

Sep 7, 2016

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games kicks off today! As if the games are not already highly anticipated enough, this emotional, stunning and inspiring clip is sure to summon surges of pride and sheer disbelief at the capabilities and talents of all of these athletes - who are ready to tackle literally anything they put their minds to.

Dubbed "We're the Superhumans,” this preview trailer is just that - a gorgeously directed edit of supreme action shots and tongue-in-cheek dance numbers with prosthetic limbs, all set to a swing orchestra and a throwback, black and white Broadway-esque show tune with a chorus singing 'Yes I can!"

The story telling medley features everything from expert archers shooting bow and arrows with lithe feet to Judo masters, fencers and powerlifters born without arms. It's all just the start - and it's live today.

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