This Secret Island for Thinkers Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Ideas Island is a serene oasis where creativity flourishes

Ideas Island.

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What if someone lent you their private island for free so that you can work on your creative ideas? It sounds bizarre, too good to be true and just not real, right? Well Ideas Island exists and is the brainchild of creativity author and professional speaker Fredrik Härén.
Härén believes that an environment of calm, quiet and relaxation is the best place to let creativity flourish, and via a careful selection process, he opens his homes on the private islands to those who are in need of an inspirational oasis.
With two islands off of Haren’s native Sweden and the third located in the Philippines -though due to typhoon damage this is currently closed - prospective applicants need to possess out-of-the-box ideas that require an atmosphere of serenity to come into fruition. Stays on the islands are usually never more than a week and Härén requests that guests make a donation to the nonprofit Stadsmissionens which helps alleviate homelessness in Stockholm. Ideas Island is fueled by the need to support creatives in their evolutionary process, and which Härén understands so well, that is something you cannot put a price tag on.

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