This Senior Cat and Senior Pet Parent are a Purrfect Match

This pair proves that supporting seniors has endless ‘pawsibilities’.

Happy senior woman in glasses relaxing with her tabby cat.

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Tully is a 13 year old furry and cuddly cat who recently met his new best friend, Ken Johnson. Johnson, 72, describes their relationship as “love at first sight”. Both are seniors looking for companionship, so their match in 2020 couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Creating these types of matches is exactly what the Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab organization, or FURR, aims to do, reports The Morning Call. They create the perfect win-win situation for seniors that have lots of love to give and felines who need it the most. The nonprofit is run mostly by volunteers and their services include helping seniors who want to adopt cats but find the financial responsibility prohibitive.

Supporting seniors, both human and feline
Adopting pets can be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful, says the blog. You are saving their lives and getting so much love in return. At the same time, there’s a financial responsibility that comes with owning and caring for new pets, which can be an obstacle for some who would otherwise be able to open their hearts and homes to them. 

Johnson was one of those people. He’s always been a cat lover and wanted to adopt one, but being on a fixed Social Security income made it difficult. That’s when Seniors 4 Seniors came in to save the day.

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One day, Johnson came across a FURR flyer that advertised the Seniors 4 Seniors program, which sponsors medical bills and unexpected costs for cats who are adopted by seniors. He applied to the program, got accepted and then the match with Tully was made!

The joys of pet ownership
Johnson says Tully has made him “the happiest [he’s] been in years. He’s my little buddy, and we have a great friendship.”

The nonprofit  has paired 11 senior citizens and cats to date, and hopes to continue bringing joy to more people and felines by making more matches. 

The support they give their seniors goes way beyond the financial aspect. Once cats are under FURR’s care, they do not have to return to shelters if their owners are unable to care for them for any reason. It’s a commitment, and home, for life.

A new life
Adopting and fostering pets significantly improves the pets’ quality of life. They now have a loving and stable home and the ability to get their needs and wants met. 

One of the beautiful things about the Senior 4 Senior program is that it is clear to see how much better the seniors' life is now too. Parent Giving explains that not only does pet ownership reduce loneliness and isolation for the elderly, it also helps improve their memory and provides various emotional benefits. 

Purrhaps more of us, seniors and seniors-to-be, would like to consider adopting a furry friend and be able to enjoy a beautiful relationship similar to the one that Tully and Ken share.

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