This Site Brings Personal 1-On-1 Training to Your Living Room

The "Uber for online fitness classes" brings your favorite trainers to you, wherever you are, whenever you want it.


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Working out from the comfort of your own home is fantastic. You save lots of time driving to and from the gym, and you can work out whenever and wherever you like with the help of thousands of online training videos.

Yael Oppenheim also loves to stay fit at home, but she missed the real-time feedback and personally tailored sessions that a trainer at a gym could give her. The idea of combining the benefits of a personal trainer with the comfort and freedom of working out over the internet led her to create FitMyTime.

"I came to understand that I was forced to choose between convenience and personalization," she told Goodnet. "That led me to the thought that it could be great if there was something like “Uber for online fitness classes”… The idea that you can schedule a personal class anytime, without having to leave your house, sounded like something that many people could benefit from."

FitMyTime is exactly that - a global marketplace for on-demand, online fitness and yoga classes. The site connects trainers and trainees from around the world for online one-on-one workouts. Trainees can choose from activities ranging from yoga and pilates to meditation, pregnancy workouts, and many more, and can filter their prospective trainers by 14 different languages.

"There is a variety of populations this platform can bring value to," Yael says. "people who suffer or recover from injury or illness, people with mobility difficulties, people who suffer from gym anxiety, people who live in rural areas and don’t even have gym or yoga studio they can go to, busy mothers to young children, and so on."

"Speaking to trainers I learned how much this platform could aid people with physical and mental conditions and people who cannot work out in a studio or outdoor," she explains. "There are trainers on FitMyTime who specialize in working with cancer survivors, people who suffer from PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and depression."

What started as a small Israeli startup with just a few trainers, has already grown into a large community of fitness-minded individuals and Yael dares to dream big for the future. "I hope FitMyTime will become a global community of wellness, built of trainers and trainees, mentors and mentees, who receive and provide easy access to wellbeing," she told Goodnet.

Registration to FitMyTime is completely free and personal training sessions go for around $35-$60. The site is also perfect for people who only want to get some tips from a professional every once in a while, without the financial commitment of a classic gym.

"I believe we should use technology and innovation to do good and to eliminate geography and language limitations and make them irrelevant," Yael said. If her dream comes true, FitMyTime will be a great step towards turning the world into a global society.

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