This Site Lets You Listen to Purring Cats

Cat purrs are naturally calming.


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Girl relaxing to the sounds of a purring cat.

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Petting and cuddling a pet is naturally calming. But did you know that just listening to a cat purr is too? It’s even proven by science.

That’s because sound can elicit an emotional response according to the blog Hella + Health. Listening to ocean waves or bird song can destress and relax you. So can cat purrs. A cats’ purrs vibrate in a range that could lower stress levels and may reduce your blood pressure too.

That’s why Purrli – a website – lets you listen to comforting cat purrs while you commute, work, or just about anytime you need to relax, when you don’t have your fur baby to sooth you.

Create a custom purr
Purrli was created by Stephanie Pigeon, a research engineer from Brussels, according to The Catnip Times blog. The website recreates the sounds and presence of a real cat via a custom sound engine that was modeled after actual felines. It was designed to make the experience as real as possible.

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The website actually lets you create a custom purr that is suitable for any mood, reported CNet. If you need to boost your energy, try the Happy, Lively, and Overjoyed setting or if you are looking for focus, choose the Relaxed, Steady, and Sleeping category. But don’t do this if you are driving!

The site is also perfect for people who love cats but cannot get close to them due to allergies. Purrli is just like having your own virtual cat.

It’s not just for people
The purring cats are getting rave reviews on the site but the purrs calm more than just people, according to the pet news website Pet News 2Day; it actually helps soothe felines too.

One user wrote on the Purrli website: “My cat and I are in love with this generator! He is an enormously active cat, and it is really hard to calm him down. But this problem is solved. Now we can finally rest together listening to the relaxing sounds of purring.”

Another user weighed in: “I foster kittens sometimes, and I recently got three little fellas without a mother. They were really rowdy and didn't really purr much, so I decided to play this purring for them. When I came back to check on them, they were all sleeping around the speaker happily purring along with the recording! It really helps calm them down; I play it all the time now.

So, if you or your fur baby are feeling stressed and need to chill out, try Purrli for some purrfect relaxation.

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