This Slovenian Monument Immortalizes the Power of Doing Good

A testament to good doers everywhere.

May 16, 2016
glass sculpture in slovenia

The monument will be a symbol of mankind's charity and goodwill (Courtesy of Your Name Forever)

The reward for doing a good deed more often comes in the form of inner joy, personal satisfaction, or a sense of fulfilment, rather than a material or tangible object. But to Marijan Ogorevc, those who act selflessly and help others expecting nothing in return deserve acknowledgment in another form as well.

Your Name Forever is a project that allows anyone to donate to a charity organization of their choice, and in exchange, their name will be engraved on a glass monument. The monument, which will be built in Ogorevc’s native Slovenia, is a symbolic gesture above all else - a testament to the goodness of man and a metaphorical means of connecting people from around the world. The sculpture’s design holds its own significance as well. Ogorevc plans to create the monument in the form of a honeycomb, a nod to the hard work and unity that characterize bees.

With a vision to raise $10 million in six months, Ogorevc is determined to make his dream a reality - and help as many people along the way as possible. In his words, “The monument will serve as testament that mankind is willing and able to make our world a better place. It will become a symbol of our charitableness.”

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