This is the Solution to Save the World’s Bees

The Open Source Beehives project

Bee on a purple flower.

(Midori Photography /

You'd be surprised at the impact of bees on the simplest joys in life - a bite into a succulent peach or a handful of crunchy almonds - is made possible by the pollination of our buzzing friends. Without it, fruits, vegetables and flowers are unable to grow.
As it turns out, pollination is in danger. Over the past eight years, a startling phenomenon has occurred in the United States and abroad: over one-third of all bee colonies has vanished. The disappearing act is worrisome on many levels and there is still no decisive reason as to why.
Open Source Beehives project comes to the rescue of bees and the need to preserve them. The collaborative effort aims to design hives that can support bee colonies in a sustainable way, in addition to monitoring and tracking the health and behavior of a colony. The Open Source Beehives project equips each hive with open source sensory kit to collect data and geolocations - providing information and insight for research. The data collection is open to the masses: anyone can get the design for a high-tech beehive for free, and be part of an international community working to save the world’s precious buzzing bees.

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