With This Special Mattress You’ll Never Want to Stop Cuddling

Sleeping just got a whole lot better


The Cuddle Mattress lets you hug your loved one without numb limbs.

The Cuddle Mattress lets you hug your loved one without numb limbs. (bbernard / Shutterstock.com)

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So when Mehdi Mojtabavi became fed up with his arm going numb while cuddling in bed, he got the idea to design a specialized mattress, crafted with that sole goal in mind. Dubbed the "Cuddle Mattress," the spongy foam cushion is divided into a series of slats on both the upper and lower portions of the mattress. This might seem odd at first, but these slats are designed to comfortably let arms and legs slide into so that numb limbs will forever be a thing of the past.

Side sleepers can wiggle their arms in between the slats while spooning, and stomach sleepers can wedge their feet in them for added comfort. Additionally, there is a firm side and a soft side, that can be flipped according to one's preference, and the mattresses come in various materials including latex, polyurethane, and polyurethane memory foam.

Buying a specialize "Cuddle Mattress" might seem a bit extreme, but given the average amount of time one sleeps in a lifetime - one-third of our lives is spent catching some zzzs - Mojtabavi may be onto something life-changing. To break that down in numbers: If you live 75 years, you will spend roughly 25 of them snoozing.

And even scientific research has long shown the clear health benefits of bonding and close personal relationships, one being that cuddling stimulates oxytocin production (known as the 'bonding hormone' or 'love hormone' that is also released in mothers who have just given birth to aid in bonding with their babies). These strong feelings also boost our immune systems and overall health, promoting quality sleep and deep feelings of tranquility. So, we have the love hormone making way for supreme sleep activity. Now, all we need is this Cuddle Mattress to complete the perfect love triangle.

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