This Swedish Mall Sells Only Recycled and Sustainable Things

When shopping meets sustainability

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An inside view of Sweden's ReTuna Återbruksgalleria

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As more and more businesses, governments, and civilians realize the importance of cutting down on plastic waste, Swedish town Eskilstuna, has found a way to make recycling accessible for everyone.

The town is home to ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, a shopping mall filled with recycled, upcycled, and sustainable products, such as: second hand clothing, used bicycles, furniture, sports equipment, and more.

The idea took hold in 2015, and along with the local government and tenants, Anna Bergström and her team created a space where consumerism meets environmentalism.

Bergström knew the idea could work, even during times of slow progress.

“I believe that you could sell sand in the desert,” she told progress. “It is not the goods that will make the business work or not, it’s up to the entrepreneur, how they are handling the business.”

Although the mall has generous hours (open seven days a week), Eskilstuna residents don’t shy away from a environmentally conscious life.

“In Eskilstuna and in the rest of Sweden we [have started] to have more conscious consumption,” Bergström said.

And while the project was a huge success in this town, Bergström acknowledges that it’s important to get other cities involved as well.

With citizens recycling 99% of household waste, and a mall dedicated towards sustainability and upcycling, this Scandinavian country is leading a global effort to make our planet cleaner for everyone.

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