This Video Will Make You Want to Plan a Road Trip, ASAP

Epic nature shots from all over Utah, teamed with a powerful spoken word voiceover. Prepare to be inspired.

Jul 21, 2015

Legendary novelist Jack Kerouac once mused: "Happiness consists in realizing life is a great strange dream. A vast glowing empty page where you can do anything you want." This video from Live Unbound embodies that explorer spirit, in the most beautiful way.

Aptly titled Go Seek, the clip documents a road trip through the US state of Utah - through Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Oljato Monument Valley and Lake Powell. The breathtaking desert panoramas, waterfalls and off-road footage stirs up a special type of wanderlust. As the spoken word poem voice over reflects, "I want to go on a road trip with no plans, play with my inner child, take my heart off the leash and let it run wild."

Like the organization that produced it - Live Unbound - the five-minute clip inspires views to travel the unbeaten wilderness and seek new challenges; to live life to the fullest, and ultimately to seek out their true, highest potential.

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