This Water Park Is a Haven for Kids with Special Needs

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If ever there were a place for people with special to needs to feel empowered to be themselves and right at home, it would be Morgan's Wonderland. First of all, money is not a factor. Those with special needs have free entrance.

And then there is the design; every single aspect of the park was built for people with special needs in mind - making everything as convenient, comfortable and safe as possible - from all the games being fully wheelchair accessible to splash pads for mobility-related disabilities and thoughtfully designed quiet areas for those who have sensitivities to crowds and noise.

The park even provides high-tech waterproof wristbands for wandering children to wear so they can have some independence, but still be easily located with the help of the expert staff. Waterproof wheelchairs called PnewChairs were specially developed for Morgan's Inspiration Island.

The air-powered wheelchairs are available for guests to use for free so they don't damage their own personal wheelchairs which are often times battery-operated and not conducive to water parks. Each part of the landmark facility was especially planned, developed and built with advice and consultations from doctors, therapists, special education teachers, the disability rights community and water park designers.

Accordingly, the park is labelled a 'park of inclusion', built to be fully accessible for those with special needs, yet, open and inspiring for everyone. The park creators also took great care to include games and structures that will challenge guests in the best way possible: inspire them to try things that they thought would be otherwise outside of their range of capabilities, and empower them to overcome even the smallest of obstacles.

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