This Woman Does Something New Every Day and She is Happier Than Ever!

Boost your wellbeing with 365 days of new activities. ⁠

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In an effort to lift her spirits, Jess Mell, a 34-year-old woman from Redhill, Surrey decided to take part in “the 100 day challenge”, where she took on a new activity every day for 100 consecutive days, the New York Post reports. Mell found that she enjoyed the challenge so much that she decided to continue doing it, extending the challenge to a yearlong undertaking. After an incredibly successful 365 days, she remains committed to trying out new things and having new experiences. 

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Something new every day
Making the commitment to do something new every day for 100 days may seem daunting. How do you even go about finding so many new things to do? Clearly, at least for Mell, this isn't such a problem, as she continues to try new things even after having completed her year-long challenge. According to The Daily Mail, activities included simple acts like learning how to sew on a button, tending to houseplants, hanging up a picture and watching an ice hockey match to more adventurous activities like flying a plane, skateboarding, joining a local gardening community group and visiting beautiful countries she had never before been to.

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According to Metro News, other new activities that Mell has engaged in include beekeeping, surfing, bleeding a radiator, has gone dancing, tried speed dating and has traveled to Dublin, Belfast, krakow, Copenhagen, Vienna and Budapest. All within 365 days!

The unforeseen benefits
Interestingly enough, what started off as something to boost Mell’s mood during one of the pandemic’s lockdowns turned into a complete lifestyle shift for her. She told This Morning that it is less about the activity itself that she is doing and more about pushing herself out of her comfort zone and learning how to live life to the fullest. Having anxiety and depression is a daily struggle, and Mell was able to find something that helps her stay upbeat and motivated. She even told The New York Post that she is the happiest she has been in a decade. Success!

Mell knows how important this project is for her mental health, and plans on continuing to do new things, although perhaps not as an official challenge. When she sees or hears about something new, instead of just thinking about it, she goes and does something about it. No need to push it off.

Mell posts photos and videos of her experiences on her Instagram page,where followers are invited to virtually accompany her on her adventures. And although she has already tried hundreds and hundreds of new things, she is excited that there are still so many more new things to try out and so much more to learn about and ultimately about herself. 

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