This Woman Can Fit 2 Years of Trash Into a Mason Jar [VIDEO]

There are no garbage cans to be found in Lauren Singer’s home.

Feb 9, 2016

How’s this for a humbling statistic: The average American produces 4.3 pounds of waste per day. That’s a whopping 1,569 pounds of garbage per person, per year. The good news is that with a few simple lifestyle tweaks, that number can be drastically reduced. Just ask New Yorker Lauren Singer. 

Singer recently rose to Internet fame after going public about her big trash achievement - she can fit two years of trash into one small mason jar. In the jar is everything she couldn’t recycle, compost or otherwise repurpose.

How does she do it? It’s actually pretty easy. By composting and buying in bulk, Singer has eliminated some 80% of her waste. She says it’s just a matter of being organized - such as bringing a mason jar to buy her olive oil and carrying reusable fabric bags with her at all times. Along with the absence of garbage cans of any kind, there are some interesting products around Singer’s home that help in her eco-mission. She uses a compostable bamboo toothbrush instead of disposable plastic ones, cotton napkins instead of paper towels, organic, vegan makeup in recyclable packaging and a reusable menstrual cup instead of tampons or pads.

Inspired? Singer has three parting tips for aspiring zero-wasters:

1. Know your trash
2. Use reuseable items
3. Make your own products

So, who’s up for whipping up some coconut oil toothpaste?

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