Tips to Finding the Best Meditation Teacher

Having a meditation instructor can improve your practice.

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Meditation has many positive benefits for mind and body. A dedicated meditation practice may help with relaxation, having a better night’s sleep, physical healing, as well as boosting happiness. Although it looks easy, meditating is deep inner work and is enhanced with the help of a guide. If you are new to meditation and sincerely want to make it a part of your life, consider a meditation teacher. 

Whereas meditation was once only found in remote ashrams and specialized retreats, it is now being offered in large corporations, sports teams, and integrative health care facilities, according to a blog on Chopra

A meditation teacher is key
If you like the idea of meditating and want to incorporate it into a regular practice, having a teacher is key. Many people start out feeling like they are meditating incorrectly, which could cause feelings of insecurity and anxiety. When uncomfortable thoughts, sensations, and emotions come up and one is alone, it may be triggering. These are reasons that may precipitate quitting. 

The answer is to find a certified instructor. Leading a group meditation and teaching an individual how to meditate are different skills. So choose someone who not only knows how to meditate, but a person who understands how to teach others. 

When a compassionate teacher is by your side, you will learn, grow, and enjoy the practice. Before you know it, you will look forward to your next meditation and will feel confident about doing it alone. 

Find the right mentor
Before sitting on that pillow and closing your eyes, do some research and interview a few teachers, suggests the organization Mindful.  Ask if they have a strong practice and meditate every day. As the benefits of meditation are cumulative, the more time spent meditating results in a more powerful practice. Ensure your meditation teacher is flexible, will work with your schedule, and will be accessible to answer all questions.  

Most important of all is the chemistry. This teacher will be a type of mentor and should have qualities that you wish to develop. Your teacher should want the best for you, just like a good friend. Communication must be comfortable at eye level.

Exploring modalities
When looking for a meditation teacher, find one who is cross-trained, recommends Chopra. Being familiar with many meditation modalities will enable the teacher to identify the best fit for you. Some of these modalities include mantra-based meditation, guided, mindfulness, silent, walking, and visual. If you already know the modality that fits you best, seek out a teacher who specializes in this technique. 

During the interview, ask the teacher how their own life has been transformed by meditation. You should look for someone who has evolved and who sincerely wants you to reach your highest potential from your practice.

A teacher deepens the practice
When starting out, the teacher should introduce the philosophy behind a specific technique, suggests Chakra Serenity. Your teacher is there to show you how to sit, breathe, and will correct your posture. All of these will help to deepen your practice.

You should also feel safe and at ease with your teacher. This is important as you may experience strong emotions and thoughts while meditating. Your teacher will be there to help you explore these inner experiences. 

When learned correctly, meditating becomes a transformative experience. And when accompanied by the right meditation teacher, your life could be enriched, according to Chopra. Despite outside turmoil and challenges, your mentor can show you how to embrace life with joy and purpose, showing you the way towards fulfillment and happiness.

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