Treehuggers Alert: the World's Trees Now Get Their Own Newsroom Online

Global Forest Watch is an alert system for forests worldwide


(Artorn Thongtukit /

If a tree falls in the forest, you can make sure that Global Forest Watch (GFW) hears it. A new initiative of the World Resources Institute, the online platform monitors and alerts people to what is happening in forests worldwide. By integrating satellite technology, open data and crowdsourcing, users can receive up-to-date information about countries’ percentage of tree cover, greenhouse gas emissions and forest policy and legislation. The site also features a world map in which forest use, change and conservation can be viewed. Additionally GFW hosts stories submitted by folks on the ground alerting users to what is happening in their local forests. GFW is an important resource that is useful to governments, companies, NGOs and everyday citizens; ensuring that trees are heard loud and clear - everywhere.

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