Try These 7 Partner Yoga Poses for Two

Invite a friend for yoga practice.


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Reap the health benefits of yoga for two.

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Enjoy double the health benefits of yoga by inviting a friend to join. With partner yoga, you can strengthen your relationship on and off the mat, while improving flexibility and balance. Like any good relationship, the secret of practicing yoga together is good communication and trust. Melt into these glorious full body stretches with yoga poses for two.

Double Tree Pose

Feel tall and powerful in this partner pose will lengthen your body and strengthen your core. Stand with your partner, facing the same direction, hip to hip. Each person balances on their leg touching their partner. Root down and lift the opposite foot to rest on the inner calf or thigh. When you have your balance, lift arms toward the sky. Hold for several breaths and return to standing.

The double tree pose is good for yoga partners.

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Forward Fold With a Friend

This beginner-friendly pose targets the lower back, calves, and hamstrings. Sit facing your friend. Stretch both legs wide apart and place soles of the feet together against your partner’s. Take hold of each other's forearms. One person gently pulls backwards as the other leans forward. Try to keep a flat back and bend from the hips. Hold for a few breaths and repeat in the opposite direction.

This pose is good for beginners.

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Lean on Me Pose

Everyone needs a friend to lean on from time to time. When you want to stretch the lower back, try this pose for all levels. Stand upright, facing your partner. Now, each person should bend at the waist, with a flat back. At the halfway point, reach your straight arms and place them on your partner’s shoulders. Face the floor, with straight legs for a few breaths. Exhale and gently release the pose.

Try these yoga poses for two.

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Back to Back Chair

Back to back chair yoga pose helps build trust with your partner and a strong core. Stand back to back. As you inhale, push backs against each other and draw your navel to your spines. Slowly lower into a halfway squat as you exhale. Hold for a few breaths. Then exhale as you gently return to standing.

The chair yoga pose is good for you.

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Buddy Boat

With the buddy boat yoga pose, you can both stretch the lower back and hamstrings while also strengthening the core. Sit opposite of your partner with legs extended. Each person should reach forward and grab hold of the other’s hands. Bend your  knees and place the soles of your feet together. Slowly straighten the legs upwards to form the boat pose. This will strenthen your core.

Engage your core with this yoga pose.

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Elevator Pose

When you need a good shoulder stretch, join a friend in the elevator yoga pose. Stand facing each other. Take hold of the other person’s forearms. Exhale as you each sit in a chair pose, in a halfway squat with chests upright and backs straight. Enjoy a full body stretch as you breathe.

Yoga is good for people of all ages.

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Double Plank

Looking for a total body challenge? Try this strengthening arm balance. One person starts in a plank pose, like you are about to do a push up (make sure not to stick up your butt!) The second person places their hands above their partner’s ankles, then places the tops of the feet on the shoulders, to form a plank. Maintain balance by squeezing your abs tight!

This double pose is for experienced yoga pairs.

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