Turn Your Laundry Room Into Your Favorite Room in the House

From unmatched socks to a classy, attractive space.


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A cluttered laundry room is a blessing. The overflowing laundry bins spilling socks and sheets remind you of the abundance that you are lucky enough to own. The wrinkled shirts waiting for the iron, are just another sign of plenty.

Still, even though the inevitable clutter that somehow invades the laundry room, no matter how many laundry loads you do, reminds you of how lucky you are, it can cause issues. Tripping over heaps of half-folded jeans, while lobbing a full laundry basket over the shoulder isn’t ideal. And nobody wants to spend all Sunday looking for that one missing sock to complete the pair. Not to mention that it’s not easy to keep up with the laundry chores, if you dread entering the room.

Is it even possible to turn the laundry room from a cluttered closet into a beautiful space? Here are the top tips for laundry organization that will make you look forward to washing your clothing. 

Give yourself plenty of off-ground storage
It seems like no matter how often you pick the mismatched socks up from the floor, more keep finding their way underfoot — no pun intended. A remedy for a perpetually cluttered floor is to include more off-ground storage space. 

Apartment Therapy shares an example of a laundry room remodel that began with constructing overhead shelves and cabinets. A single cabinet ended up neatly organizing all the laundry detergents, and fabric softeners, myriad cleaning supplies, pet supplies, an iron, and various other objects in an easy-to-see and easy-to-grab manner. The same remodel also saw the broom, dustpan, mop, and even ironing board hung on the wall, allowing for more walking and working space

Add some color
According to Homes and Gardens, repainting is a quick update that can change the look of the entire room. At the very least, just repainting shelves and cabinets before hanging them with a color that matches the laundry room scheme, can make all the difference. A simple backsplash on a chair, or even a well-placed colorful stool is an alternative to going for a full repaint. There are always ways to use color to spruce up a less-than-exciting space.

Change the lighting
According to HGTV, changing up the lighting can make a big difference. Not only can this spruce up the space, it can also make your laundry chore easier. And, swapping in a new lamp doesn't usually require that much of a time investment.

Give yourself space to work
Ideal Home recommends flat, worktop spaces, to help keep the laundry room clutter free. Find a space where you can fold and sort clothing without making a bigger mess. You can do what Woman’s Day suggests and build your washing machine into a mini shelf, by putting in a custom-sized wooden bookend workspace around it. Or, you can go with Ideal Home’s suggestion of finding a standalone worktop, possibly one that includes a sink and cabinet. You can even choose a piece that fits in with your overall color and design scheme. As far as that sink goes, a swan necked faucet will allow you to fit a bucket underneath, which can make washing tasks easier. 

The laundry room is known for being a utilitarian space. But, Nikhita Sejpal, from AluSplash, tells Ideal Home that it doesn’t have to be. “Not only is a utility or laundry a practical asset, but it’s also a space where homeowners can showcase their individual sense of style,” she explains. Since the laundry room is usually behind a closed door, it’s a space where you can really experiment to find your personal style and to make it your own, risk-free. 

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