Turn Your Small Purchases into Big Change

Shout: the micro donation app that converts everyday expenditures into donations for nonprofits

Jun 22, 2014

Screenshot from Shout

Generally, folks don’t think twice about spending money on buying their morning coffee or going out to the movies. These small everyday expenditures don’t break the bank and are a common part of most people’s lives. Shout, a micro donation app, is looking to harness those small financial gestures and direct them towards nonprofits and worthy causes. For each nonprofit listed, users have the choice to donate the monetary equivalent of a magazine, a pot of tea or home cooked meal. The recently launched app is available for free at the Apple Store or Google Play and hosts a number of worthy causes, most Australian- based, but also features international organizations like WaterAid and Oxfam. Shout facilitates giving on the go with just a touch of a button, making your next ice cream cone purchase one with the potential to change the world.

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