Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of Colors

There’s a lot more to colors than what meets the eye.


Colors play a role in spirituality..

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Colors are more than meets the eye. That’s because the meaning of colors is connected with powers even today, when superstitious beliefs are a thing of the past. So if you are “green with envy” or “seeing red,” you are connecting to ancient spiritual practices, according to Live Science.

This impacts your color preferences, according to the spirituality site Insight State. So whether you connect to blue or red, there is a deeper reason for it. Learn how to embrace the spiritual meaning of colors.

The Spiritual Meaning of Blue
The color blue represents the sea and the sky and has a positive calming effect on your body and mood according to a blog on the Super Color Digital website. In many ancient cultures, blue symbolized peace and protection from evil spirits.

For most of recorded history, according to Live science, blue has also been associated with truth, leading to the phrase “true blue.” Although the modern term of feeling blue connotes sadness, the color blue actually has positive effects on people.

The Spiritual Meaning of Yellow
The color yellow symbolizes happiness and warmth in many cultures as it is the color of the sun. That’s why so many ancients worshiped the sun. Because yellow is in the middle of the rainbow spectrum, it also represents the middle way spiritually, according to Insight State. In China, yellow was the imperial color and the emperor ruled over the Middle Kingdom just as the sun ruled over the earth.

Yellow can affect your mood by brightening your day, according to the organization Color Psychology. In fact, people who love yellow are confident, cheerful, energetic, and optimistic. That could be related to your brain releasing more serotonin when it is surrounded by yellow.

The Spiritual Meaning of Red
The red activates the strongest emotions of all the colors, according to verywell mind. That’s why red is linked to passion, both love as well as anger like in seeing red. Because red is the most visible color in the spectrum, it is used on stop signs, fire engines, and traffic lights.

Historically, red has been linked to courage, warriors, and royalty, noted Insight State. It is the color of the cardinals in the church and the Kshatriya in the Hindu tradition, symbolizing love for the divine.

The Spiritual Meaning of Green
The color green symbolizes the Earth, it is the color of plants and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in the seasons. This reawakening in the spiritual realm is the color of regeneration. Green plants give people life by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. It’s no wonder that the color green is part of ancient traditions from so many places around the globe.

Green is the color of Islam because it represents  the lush vegetation of Paradise. In ancient China, the color is connected to fertility and happiness.  Greens on the Passover Seder plate in Judaism symbolize spring and the renewal of plants.

The Spiritual Meaning of Purple
Since purple is made from red and blue it has also been defined as being in the middle between heaven and earth. That’s why purple came to represent spirituality and holiness in the ancient world. But purple also symbolizes royalty. From Ancient Rome to European monarchs, purple is the color of nobility and imperialism, according to Live Science. This is because of purple’s status that occurred due to its rarity and the cost of purple dye. More than 9,000 mollusks were used to make one gram of Tyrian purple. Today, purple is associated with rarity, mysticism, and piety.

The Spiritual Meaning of Orange
The color orange – a mix of red and yellow –  is associated with the rising and setting sun. Spiritually, according to Insight State, orange is a balance or harmony between the heavenly world and the Earth. It represents warmth, fire, and energy. In Asia, orange is an important symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism.

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