Unleashing the Power of Service

How matching volunteers with opportunities is transforming communities.



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Until recently, individuals from within the Arab community in Israel who wanted to give of themselves and make a difference had a difficult time finding the right volunteer opportunities. A new initiative aims to bridge the gap between potential volunteers and organizations in need of assistance within the Arab sector in Israel. 

The initiative was launched by Ruach Tova, (“Good Spirit” in Hebrew), a part of the Arison Group, that coordinates volunteering efforts throughout Israel, including its flagship project Good Deeds Day, a peak event of year-round doing good activities, initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison. On this special day, millions of people take part in 109 countries across the globe.

Volunteer database
Now the Arison Group's Ruach Tova has expanded its efforts to the Arab sector, featuring an extensive database in Arabic that connects individuals who are interested in volunteering with organizations across the country that offer volunteer opportunities. The Arison Group's Ruach Tova acts as an intermediary, making it easy for volunteers to find the perfect opportunity and for organizations to find the perfect volunteer. 

“This is the first initiative of its kind to encourage volunteering among the Arab community in Israel. Our database is targeted and customized for the Arab speaking community so that they can incorporate volunteering into their lives on a daily basis.” Hilal haj Yahia, the Arison Group's Ruach Tova Director of Community Initiatives in Arab Society told Goodnet. 

Since it was launched in December 2021, 200 organizations have been listed on the database, which includes 700 volunteer opportunities allowing 29,510 volunteers to participate. 

The easy to use database allows individuals to search for volunteer opportunities by location, cause, and time commitment. They can also create a profile that highlights their skills and experiences, making it easier for organizations to find the perfect volunteer for their needs. 

Empowering women
In the Negev Desert of Israel, a group of Bedouin women in the small village of Rahma face significant challenges. Many of the women in the village are unable to work due to a lack of skills and education. However, the Arison Group's Ruach Tova aims to change that.

As part of Good Deeds Day 2022, the Arison Group's Ruach Tova representatives met with a woman who dreamed of teaching local women a trade that could be a potential and viable source of income. The Arison Group's Ruach Tova organized jewelry-making workshops for the women of Rahma, led by a local artist from the nearby city of Beer Sheva.

Over the course of eight meetings, the women learned how to create beautiful handmade jewelry. Within just three months, they were able to sell their creations in the local market and make a profit. This not only provided them with a source of income, but also allowed them to feel proud of their independence and accomplishments.

“This is a great example of how small actions can make a big difference in the lives of individuals and communities. It shows that with the right support and resources, anyone can learn a new skill and achieve their goals. The Arison Group's Ruach Tova not only helped these Bedouin women in Rahma to become financially independent but also gave them the sense of self-worth and dignity,” Yahia explained.

Expanding Reach
The Arison Group's Ruach Tova has big plans for the future, including creating specialized programs for corporate and business sectors. These programs will allow companies to match their workers with volunteer opportunities and track the time dedicated to volunteering. This will not only benefit the community, but also help companies to promote a culture of social responsibility among their employees.

Additionally, the organization plans to expand its cooperation with local municipalities. By working closely with local leadership, the organization hopes to have a greater impact in the community.
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