Unlocking Joy: Inside Finland's Happiness Masterclass

Discover the secrets and strategies from the world's happiest country.



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The northerly Nordic nation of Finland has clinched top place as the happiest country in the world six years in a row, The Daily Mail reports. Now, Finns are ready to share their secrets with the world. The Daily Mail shares that the country has sponsored a happiness masterclass to spread their joy with participants from all over the world.

The world’s happiest country
Every year the United Nations polls citizens living in its member states about a variety of factors including quality of life, GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support, trust, corruption, freedom, and generosity. 

The results are released in the annual World Happiness Report. And, whether it’s due to its altruistic culture, its high-quality education system, or its low income inequality, or any other number of joy-invoking factors, Finland keeps coming out at the top of this list. For the last six years, the country has ranked in first place, with many of its neighbors, like Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Iceland, and Sweden, also ranking in the top ten.

Spreading the joy
While there are a number of factors that drive Finn’s positive outlook on life that may be difficult for others to replicate, Finland believes that some of what makes it so joyful can be taught. The Daily Mail reports that the country opened an on-line Masterclass to share its secrets of happiness.

According to Good News from Finland, these online seminars will be organized around distinctive themes – factors that promote contentedness and resilience. 

Masterclass in person
In addition to its online happiness curriculum, a select group of lucky individuals from a variety of nations, will receive in-person happiness training at Finland’s luxurious, nature-infused Kuru Resort, The Daily Mail shares. 

Out of 150,000 applicants, the country selected just fourteen to come and learn in person about how nature, lifestyle, health, balance, design, food, and wellbeing can influence mindsets. 

Heli Jimenez, the Senior Director of International Marketing at Business Finland told The Daily Mail, “As the world’s happiest nation we are keen to share our special keys to happiness that make the Finnish lifestyle so unique. We feel that our style of happiness stems from a down-to-earth lifestyle and close relationship with nature. And more importantly, we feel that happiness is a skill that can be learned and shared, rather than some sort of mystic state – which is why we’re [happy to welcome] our masterclass participants to beautiful Finnish Lakeland to get in touch with their inner happiness.”

Finland’s open-armed offer shows that happiness isn’t a limited commodity, Everyone worldwide can learn to make small mindset challenges in exchange for big happiness payoff.

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