Use Spring Forest Qigong to Heal

This simple, powerful tool opens hearts and heals.



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Embrace qigong to release blocked energy and heal. Using Grand Qigong Master Chunyi Lin’s simple techniques from his site Spring Forest Qigong, this once secret practice is available to all. Now you can bring this ancient wisdom and movement into your life, becoming your own healer.

Qi, a universal energy, lies at the heart of this practice. The traditional breathing, meditation, and movements are thousands of years old, according to Spring Forest Qigong, but was once relegated to a chosen few. The practices required much discipline, years of study, and were difficult to learn. 

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The most powerful healing tool in the world
Chunyi Lin studied in China, eventually becoming a master before moving to the US. He decided that these secrets must be shared. Lin developed a program that bypasses the rigidity yet still has powerful healing. In fact, he feels that qigong is the most powerful healing tool in the world. Chunyi Lin recommends practicing half an hour each day. This may help reduce stress, improve energy, offer clarity of mind, stabilize emotions, and improve physical sickness. Those with more serious physical conditions should take this on for two hours a day over two to three months.

Balancing the flow of qi
The goal is to balance your flow of qi energy. A consistent qigong practice will program your body to have the qi move smoothly through the body. Chunyi Lin claims that practicing for 100 days in a row will build a strong energy pattern. This medical version of qigong is based on the view that illness and disease are caused by blockages, according to teacher Sue Crites blog, with there being either too much or too little energy in a place. Common causes are stress and emotions, and when they reach a threshold, they become blocked, resulting in disease. As everyone’s body reacts differently, this can be experienced emotionally, physically, or spiritually. For some it could mean anxiety or depression, while others may experience high blood pressure or digestive issues. 

Activating qi
Time to start your own practice! This short introductory qigong exercise from Chunyi Lin on YouTube can be done anytime and anywhere. Sit with your hands on your lap and place your focus behind your belly button. Take a deep inhale, focusing on universal light entering your body. On the exhale, imagine your stale energy leaving your body, turning into smoke and flying far away.

This second exercise from the same video uses the body to activate the qi. Stand with feet apart and flexed. Give the activated qi a purpose by telling your body exactly where you want healing. Now smile. Chunyi Lin says the word smile is an acronym for Start My Internal Love Engine. Open your palms to the side and imagine you are holding a ball in your hands. Smile, while using slow and gentle motions to move the ball around. The palms are an important qigong component as they activate six meridians in the body, including lungs, heart, and the immune system. You are now working the physical and emotional systems.

To activate the intelligence system, close your eyes and tell your body that you are surrendering your mind to your heart. As your heart takes control of your hand movements, it may feel as if your hands are moving on their own! Chunyi Lin describes this state as doing nothing with your mind but achieving everything.

Sword Fingers
Chunyi Lin shows how you can heal another person in this YouTube video. Ask the person you are healing to tell you where their pain is and to close their eyes and breathe slowly. As the healer, you hold your index and middle fingers together and visualize healing energy flowing from the heart through the fingers. 

Move the fingers in a circle, or in a slicing or chopping motion to break up the energy block where the pain resides. Then open the palm and use a pulling motion to pull out the pain. 

These very brief descriptions offer a glimpse into the powerful healing of qigong. By using the simplified techniques from Spring Forest Qigong, everyone has the gift of healing in their own hands. This power comes from the heart, from love, and from compassion. Embrace this wisdom to help yourself as well as others.

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