The Value of Volunteering Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fascinating facts and figures about lending a hand.

Aug 31, 2015
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Volunteering is one of those magical activities that keeps on giving - benefiting all sectors of society and the planet, as well as the volunteers themselves. Among the many benefits of giving time and energy to help others is an increased sense of well-being and sense of purpose - and that goes for adults, teens and children alike, around the world.

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16% of adults worldwide volunteer their time to an organization.

The economic contribution of those volunteers is equal to $400 billion/year

Who volunteers the most? 
EU: 93 million/year
US: 60 million/year 
Bangladesh: 16 million/year
Australia: 5 million/year

The 4 most popular volunteer service activities:
#1 Fundraising or selling items to raise money (26.2%)
#2 Collecting, preparing, distributing or serving food (23.6%)
#3 Engaging in general labor or transportation (20.3%)
#4 Tutoring or teaching (18.2%)

Benefits of volunteering: 
Increased sense of wellbeing 
Sense of purpose 
More positive moods

What about kids? 
Youth volunteering is associated with positive outcomes during the teen years as well as in adulthood. Adolescents who volunteer are more likely to: 
enjoy positive academic, psychological, and occupational well-being 
have a strong work ethic as an adult
volunteer as an adult
have respect for others
develop leadership skills


Infographic: Yael Shinkar


This infographic was produced in collaboration with Goodnet partner Good Deeds Day


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