Vibrant Winter Flowers to Plant

Add a splash of color to brighten your winter.


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Everyone has a favorite season. Some love the bright sunshine and sandy beaches of the summer. Others love the kaleidoscope of colors from the flowers blooming in the spring. Yet another group prefers the peaceful white landscapes created by a fresh, crisp snowfall. But even in a pristine winter wonderland, it’s possible to add a splash of color from frosty flowers that bloom in wintertime. Here are seven flowers to grow in a wintry garden.

Pansies and violas

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CLC Incorporated suggests planting pansies or violas. Both of these flowers are perennials that thrive in cold weather. These beautiful winter blossoms come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, white, pink, blue, and white. Although pansies and violas look similar, pansies have four petals pointing up and one pointing down, whereas violas are smaller with two facing up and three facing down.

Although pansies and violas love the cold, they can die out in subzero weather, so it’s a good idea to plant them when the weather is chilly, but not freezing. However, these flowers are still hardy enough to outlast a snowstorm and will begin to die off only when the weather gets hot.

According to Gardener’s World, snowdrops are thus named not only because of their cool white color and their bell shape, but also because they grow in the snow. Not only do these flowers bloom around January time, but they are hardy enough to push through frozen, snow-covered earth to make their debut, bringing a little more beauty to a snowy landscape.


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These iconic yellow flowers are often the signal for the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Dayton Daily News shares that the plant often pushes through the ground and sometimes even flowers as early as January or February. The plant is tough and hardy and the flowers can survive a bit of cold weather. The greenery can even outlast the snow. So, as the weather begins to change and warm, it’s like these yellow rays of sun will be among the first to herald the new season. 

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Go Upstate has the scoop on these wintry blossoms, also known as Lenten roses. Hellebores bloom in the late winter or early spring and come in a variety of species that range from white to royal purple with yellow centers. Hellebores are perennials that will last a long time and provide many winters full of colorful joy.

Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley is a beautiful evergreen shrub with delicate pink flowers shaped like bells that cascade gently down its branches, reveals Better Homes and Gardens. There are a number of ways this little bush can brighten a winter scene. Its foliage retains its vibrant green color even in the dead of winter and some varieties have leaves that turn coppery-red as well. Meanwhile, the flower clusters begin to show in the later winter. The best time to plant Lily of Valleys is in early spring or fall.

Glory of the Snow
True to its name, the Glory of the Snow peaks it head above the ground in the later winter, often while the snow is still on the ground, reports The Spruce. The Glory of the Snow comes in a few varieties from the Pink Giant that peaks at six inches tall and has gorgeous pink blossoms, to the blue or white Alba variety, and including the Gigentea which has extra-large blue flowers.

A wintry garden doesn’t have to be dreary. There are a number of beautiful and colorful flowers that can add a spot of beauty to a snowy scene.

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