The Viral Color Themed Party Trend Explained

This fun party trend is taking the world and social media by colorful storm.



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Recently, social media platforms have been abuzz with a vibrant new trend: color-themed parties. These gatherings, popularized on TikTok, involve participants selecting or being assigned a specific color, which they incorporate into their attire or into the food and drinks they bring. Whether the event features a uniform color scheme for all attendees or a spectrum of hues, these parties offer a visually engaging and enjoyable experience that looks fun, tastes fun and is fun.

The power of color
Color is very powerful. According to verywell mind, color has the power to influence mood and even behavior. There is even a type of therapy called Chromotherapy or color therapy, that can be used to treat some health conditions. Color therapy believes that different colors can affect your body differently.

Colors, therefore, are powerful and can have a direct effect on you and how you feel. So if you are invited to a color themed party, choose a color that speaks to you and makes you feel good. The Science of People platform explains that sometimes, colors make you feel good because of an association you may have. For example, if you had a happy childhood in your childhood home which was painted, let's say, pink, you may have positive and joyful feelings towards the color pink. Sometimes there can be cultural meanings and symbolisms to color, and other times it can be purely personal. 

How to host a color-themed party
Color theme parties are all over social media, and people seem to really be enjoying them. If you have a special occasion coming up, you may want to host one. And it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is let each party goer choose a color, or you can choose to do the same color for everyone. Then, decide if you want them to bring food and drink in those colors as well. Prepare foods and drinks in the designated color or in your chosen color. Then, during the party, don't forget to take some pictures and videos for social media. You can then follow what the Fresh Ered website recommends and use the hashtag “color party”. 

A blog on The Party City website suggests that you can host a color themed “black” party. You can send out black colored digital invitations, ask guests to wear their favorite black dress or outfit, serve espresso martinis and decorate your house with black decor.  

The At Home with Natalie blog brings another great example of a color themed party, with guests wearing and choosing colors blue, red, green, white, yellow, black and pink, and the host in orange. 

There are so many options and you can get ideas from TikTok, scroll through your social media feed, do some online research or use your own creativity to come up with fun and original ideas for your party. The whole point is to enjoy yourself and have fun. And when the host is having fun, surrounded by beautiful colors, chances are your friends will have fun too.

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