Virtual City Tours That Let You Experience the World

Armchair traveling at its best.


A city tour bus in Madrid.

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Traveling to exotic – and maybe not so exotic – places is exciting and educational. You get to see new places, hear new languages, and taste local cuisine. Not to mention that you get to see some of the world’s most beautiful art and architecture.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, traveling has been difficult if not impossible to do. Very early in the first lockdown, museums, theatres, national parks, and even zoos started hosting virtual tours that brought the exhibits into people’s living rooms through their high-speed internet connections.

According to Forbes, Google searches for the term virtual tour increased from 1,300 in February 2020 to almost 10,000 in March that year when the first lockdowns began. As people continued to stay at home, the numbers kept increasing.

But if visiting museums isn’t going to cut it if your heart wants to ride a rickshaw in Tokyo, wander through the crowded alleyways of Jerusalem’s old city, or check out the magnificent fountains in Singapore’s urban parks, now you can. You can  take a virtual city tour that lets you explore to your heart's content. Here are just a few of the places that you can visit.

Fall in Love With Paris

Is your heart longing for Paris? Then you will certainly love this 360-video guided virtual tour with Captivision according to Tour guide Tarik Mohamed, said that “exploring Paris is like reading a historical romance novel.” Climb the 420 stairs in the pre-fire Notre Dame all the way up to the bell tower. Tour the Louvre and check out the magnificent painted ceilings.

Explore the Big Apple

If you always wanted to visit New York City, then NYC The Official Guide has you covered. There is a collection of virtual tours from museums, theatres, and other venues across the five boroughs including a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shimmering Singapore

Enjoy this 360-video guided tour of Singapore – which is also known as the “Garden City” due to its parks and tree-lined streets – from Sygic Travel. The tour begins at Jubilee Bridge and takes you through the Gardens by the bay ecological sustainable project, the historic Boat Quay, and the fountain of wealth laser show.

Shuk Tour in Jerusalem

Visiting Israel virtually is easy with the postcard series of tours from Israel21. You can visit  the Bahai gardens in Haifa, the Tel Aviv promenade on the Mediterranean Sea, check out the German Colony and the Mahaneh Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, visit the artist colony in the holy city of Tzfat, and many more places.

Barcelona Beckons

If you have always wanted to visit Spain, then this 360-video virtual tour of Barcelona from Sygic Travel will take you through the exquisite city squares, car-free streets, and gothic churches as well as the beach and scenic views.