Watch How Special Kids are Changing the Face of Beauty [VIDEO]

What happens when children with disabilities are put under the limelight? Purely amazing things.

May 22, 2014

The models featured in this fashion photo shoot are beautiful - both inside and out - and look extremely comfortable in front of the camera. But these aren't top models with years of experience - they are in fact children with disabilities who were photographed as part of a campaign by Changing the Face of Beauty. This incredible movement run by a group of parents aims to integrate individuals with disabilities into general advertising so that all sectors of society are represented in the mainstream.
What started out as a blog featuring pictures of co-founder Katie Driscoll’s daughter who has Down syndrome, has since evolved into a national campaign urging large companies to include images of people with disabilities as standard practice. With a growing list of dedicated photographers and advertisers on board, get ready to see a lot more of these very special people everywhere you go.

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