The Way to Dine Like a Local with Locals

EatWith: global culinary experiences


European cafe.

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Not long ago, travel services were the exclusive grounds of corporates - think large chain hotels and car rental agencies. But in the past few years, the trend of collaborative consumption is intersecting with people's growing interest in socially-minded and more personal manner of travel. 
It is in this very intersection that is home to EatWith. EatWith is a something of an Airbnb for foodies - instead of renting out individually-owned houses for short-term stay like Airbnb, EatWith offers tourists a chance to explore the destination via their taste buds by inviting people to dine in homes all over the world. 
A quick browse through the website can take you to Barcelona, Spain for a pintxo and tapas cooking class, or hop over to Rio de Janeiro for a home cooked family meal of Brazilian specialtiesHosts are given a platform to provide an authentic experience to travelers or locals alike, while earning some extra cash on the side.  
Reviews are a mainstay of the site, allowing guests and hosts to rate and write about their experiences, providing valuable feedback and insight to future diners. All transactions on the site are secured through PayPal and if there is any issue, customers can contact a 24/7 support team.
What an ingenious way to discover other cultures and places - meet new people on top of exploring untapped cuisines. 

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