The Wearable Tech Challenge That Could Change the World

UNICEF’s Wearables for Good competition is looking for the next revolution in mobile technology.


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The market of wearables is expanding, with watches that measure the number of steps you take in a day to USB cufflinks that can be snapped onto a shirt and hold up to 2GB of storage.
Taking note from the sidelines is global nonprofit UNICEF, which wants to harness the life-changing capabilities of wearables with an open call challenge. The Wearables for Good competition invites bright minds to create innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women and children across the world.
Merging the worlds of social good with wearable tech, UNICEF is concentrating on four areas: alert/response, diagnosis/treatment/referral, behavior change and data collection/insight. The aim is to design new wearable technology that will improve the lives of others on a mass-scale, and most importantly, to be cost-effective, durable, low-power and scalable.
For example, the MUAC (mid-upper-arm circumference) measuring tape measures the circumference of a child’s arm using printed color bands in red, green, and yellow to indicate at a glance whether the child falls into acceptable levels of nutrition.
The six-month challenge has already kicked off, and will culminate in November with the naming of two prize winners. The twosome will receive financial funding up to the tune of $15,000 and an idea incubation prize package, along with mentorship prizes from contributing partners. If you have an incredible idea bouncing inside your head now is your chance; it just might be the ticket for changing the world.

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