What is Art? The Answer is Revealed Here [VIDEO]

Go on a beautiful journey as one artist delves into the meaning of art

Sep 2, 2014

Stanley Ka Chun Chan explores his personal journey through the world of art as he answers that beguiling question, “what is art?” in this colorfully animated video. As a child, art served as a medium to explore and release his creative talent through such activities like finger painting and drawing with colored pencils. But as a grown man looking to make a profession out of his passion, the gorgeous clip delves into the complexities of needing to survive from art and how competitive that world can be. Chan explains that when being an artist becomes your day job, you are in a position where you need to answer to a client who dictates your artistic style.
But, despite all of that, Chan still uses art as an outlet of self-expression, a way to release his emotions and communicate his beliefs to the world. This uplifting and introspective expedition takes the viewer through the intricate and beautiful world of an artist. Enjoy!  

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