What Do Nudity and Olive Trees Have in Common?

Nudo means fresh produce to your doorstep


Healthy Food

(JoannaTkaczuk / Shutterstock.com)

“Nudo” means naked in Italian, and it’s also the name of a new social enterprise which is shining a spotlight on local farmers that produce pesticide and additive-free olive oil and organic tea. Boasting a beautiful website, Nudo offers people the chance to adopt olive trees in Italy and tea gardens in the Himalayas. In return, the backers receive olive oil and organic tea to their doorstep from the very grove or garden that they adopted offshore.
The social enterprise allows small-scale and artisanal olive farmers to use traditional farming methods - while creating more jobs for local pickers and growers in Darjeeling, India. 
The company joins other initiatives like Real Time Farms that cut out the middleman in food production, so subscribers can learn the naked truth about the people behind the products.

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