What Does Your Scent Say About You? [QUIZ]

Discover how the fragrances we wear can have an effect on you and your surroundings.

Apr 3, 2015


Humans and animals all have their own distinct odor, similar to fingerprints. In mammals, like humans or mice, personal scents help distinguish individuals from one another, and can even help determine a future mate. Through the course of history, humans have created ways to enhance or even mask their own personal scent with perfumes or fragrances. Archaeologists have even found perfume makers dating back to Mesopotamia during the 2nd millennium BC, as well as jars of fragrant oils found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.  
Today, the fragrance industry has expanded to be a billion dollar business with new perfumes cropping up every week, fronted by famous celebrities or designers. There are a number of perfumes on the market that do more than just smell good, using their fragrances to promote sustainability or aid social causes.
With this solid background on fragrances, get a whiff of this quiz and discover what scent best suits your personality. 

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