What Makes People Happy? [QUIZ]

Unlock the secret to happiness by testing your knowledge behind the science of what actually makes people happy.

Dec 5, 2014


What is the secret to happiness? That is a billion dollar question that people from every culture and country spend their lives seeking to answer. The topic has piqued the curiosities of multiple academic disciplines, specifically those within the field of science. With more studies and advanced research produced each and every day, our eyes are constantly being opened to ways we can make ourselves and those around us happier. One very 21st century way that happiness is being spread to others is in the form of apps which aim to help individuals maximize their happiness quotient.
Whether you are well-versed in the field of scientific happiness or are looking to gain more insight on the topic, test your knowledge by taking this fun quiz. Be sure to pay attention to the correct answers and see if you can incorporate those research-based happiness tips into your everyday life.