What It Means to Live Off the Grid [VIDEO]

A riveting new documentary and book that explores the lives of Canadians who decide to live independently off the land.

Jul 30, 2015

Country life has long been portrayed as a rustic, do-it-yourself affair, often with a distinct sense of romanticism. But the decision to step outside of the mainstream doesn't come lightly, as shown by the eye-opening new documentary Life Off Grid

The feature delves into the lives of Canadians who have made the conscious choice to disconnect. These ambitious individuals are truly self-sufficient, responsible for their own water supply, electricity and food. They use natural resources to live in harmony with Mother Nature, exhibiting a heightened awareness of what and how they consume.

Life Off Grid is a two-year journey by researchers Philip Vannini and Jonathan Taggert, who explored the outskirts of Canada to interview folks who are living off the land. Along with the documentary that will debut in spring 2015, they published a book written in a travelogue style that features the photos and stories of the documentary participants.

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