When the Love of Books Turns a Kid into a Little Shakespeare [VIDEO]

The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation found a super sweet way to drive their message home

Apr 16, 2014
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Meet the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation - a nonprofit that is working towards an exceptionally valuable cause: giving every child the chance to discover books and explore the love of reading. Working primarily for those lacking the means for purchasing a book, the Foundation has commmited 12 million dollars for high needs elementary schools. How do they do it? With conviction and a lot of heart which is very well manifested in this powerful video.
An initally mundane scene in an elemenatry school classroom reveals a moving love letter from a boy to a girl. Yet unlike the childish penmanship you'd expect from a kid, this letter is written with pitch-perfect English, in a way which could only have been penned by a truly well-read boy.
Yup, make room for story time!

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