When Promoting Healthy Relationships, a Selfie is Worth a Thousand Words

How a hashtag is helping combat teen dating violence


Self Esteem
Girl taking a selfie.

(Nina Buday / Shutterstock.com)

Driving home the message that mutual respect is the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship, New York City's #HealthySelfie campaign is encouraging teens to raise awareness about the issue using their smartphones. 
The Mayor's Office has taken to social media to promote Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month by asking young people to take pictures of themselves holding a specially-designed button featuring either the word trust, equality or respect.
After taking the selfie, the teens can then upload it to one of the various social media platforms with the hashtag #HealthySelfie and help spread the word.
The initiative is part of the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence, which, through the NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy, offers workshops and training to staff members who work with adolescents.

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