When Yoga Is Not Enough - Just Add Goats

Find your center and hang out with goats


(Arizona Goat Yoga)

(Colin Dewar / Shutterstock.com )

There are some trends out there that are so different, they have to be experienced to be believed. Case in point: Yoga with goats. Yoga has long been - and continues to be - a super popular form of restorative exercise and meditation and over the years, many versions have found their place in yoga studios worldwide from Ashtanga to Bikram to Kundalini.

To this day however, nobody thought of throwing a few baby goats in the mix? It may seem like a scene straight out of a movie, but people who have taken part swear the experience is unlike any other, with the presence of the goats offering a strong sense of well-being, positivity and playfulness.

Animal therapy is known to offer significant and legitimate healing interaction and yoga with goats is no different. Animal-assisted therapy has been tested to lower anxieties, comfort people and lower blood pressure while also creating deep bonds on a very relatable level.

So it is no surprise a few goat farms in the United States and Canada have really taken off with the concept - attracting visitors from across the globe. Sign up in advance. Classes get filled up very fast, naturally.

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