Which Country Does the Most Good in the World?

The Good Country Index ranks nations based on how much they contribute to the greater good of humanity

A world of good.

(Ilike / Shutterstock.com)

While there are indexes and surveys out there that measure how much a country produces or even how happy its’ people are, how do you quantify how much good doing a country performs? Well look no further as The Good Country Index is a new performance indicator carried out by independent policy adviser Simon Anholt that looks at how countries affect the world in a positive way.
Ireland tops the list as the country that is deemed to be most actively working for all of humanity. Finland and Switzerland are the next most "good doing" countries, coming second and third respectively, with Libya trailing at the bottom in last place. The measure features 125 countries and is based on 35 datasets broken down into seven areas, including prosperity and equality, culture, and health and wellbeing. Aiming to spark international discussion about how nations can balance their duty to their own citizens with their responsibility to the wider world, the index aims to encourage populations and governments to act more responsibly on a global level. Where does your country stand?

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