Who Made the America’s Most JUST 2020 Companies List?

Doing good is just good business.


(icedmocha / Shutterstock.com)

Today, Americans want companies to put the heart behind the products and services first, the workers and customers. And in 2020 we can celebrate the fact that many CEOs agree! 

Over 180 CEOs behind some of the most successful companies believe workers, communities, customers, and the environment are valuable stakeholders and their ranks on the newly released 2020 Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies reflect that.

JUST Capital was founded in 2013 by finance, civil, and business leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Paul Tudor Jones II, Ariana Huffington, Rinaldo Brutoco, Paul Scialla, and more as a not-for-profit charity, propelling its mission to ensure customers have the knowledge power to support companies making the world a better place.  

And the organization doesn’t just preach, they practice their gospel. JUST Capital strives to provide their employees with the best in healthcare, suitable work-life balance policies, fair and competitive compensation to comparably-sized private sector peers, and equal opportunities for all.

To further their cause of shining a spotlight and promoting the creation of more ‘just’ companies, the charity measured and tracked 922 companies, ranking which ones displayed the strongest values.

Here’s a brief taste of their findings in the 2020 report: Microsoft landed the top spot for the second year in a row for their dedication to their workers, communities, and the environment. The top 10 list also features four new entries: Apple, Salesforce, Anthem, and PayPal, as well as 41 additional companies that are new to the JUST 100. 

But they are far from alone, in August, the Business Roundtable a nonprofit comprised entirely of CEOs created a new framework that acknowledges these  stakeholders are: “essential for the future success of our companies, our communities, and our country.”

The decision to formulate a new framework wasn’t a rash decision. Many business leaders, industry experts, investors, as well as the American people, have advocated for the fair treatment of workers, fair pay, investing in environmental causes, creating good jobs, giving back to communities, and creating products that provide value for customers. The payoff for businesses who opt for this route is high as well, as they’ll gain more loyal customers.

Cheers to celebrating a fairer and contentious working environment for all! 

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