A Whole Village Specially Tailored for Those with Dementia

Hogewey aims to give residents with Alzheimer’s a sense of normalcy and everyday living

Jul 4, 2014

The world population is ageing at a rapid rate with an estimated 2 billion people over the age of sixty by the year 2050. The health needs of the elderly require special attention and one nursing facility in The Netherlands is taking a revolutionary approach to caring for adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Meet Hogewey, a gated village that creates a sense of normalcy and everyday life for its residents with specially designed houses, a supermarket, a movie theatre and a café-restaurant.  

One of the goals of Hogewey is to maintain the independence of its residents with the freedom to move around and go about their daily tasks in a safe environment. Special attention is poured into every detail, and each of the seven housing settings is tailored to the tastes and needs of each tenant’s previous lifestyle.  The atypical nursing home has around the clock care provided by doctors and caretakers who don’t walk around in uniforms, but rather street clothes.

Out-of-the-box thinking mixed with the holistic and dignified way the team at Hogewey treats their 152 happy residents will hopefully become a more widespread trend as a way to care for the world’s growing elderly population.

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