Workout Challenges to Optimize Your Health

Tips to stay fit at home with these DIY fitness challenge ideas.


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Along with eating a nutritious diet, staying in shape is key to optimal health. Taking on a workout challenge is a great way to keep your fitness routine on track and maintain good health. Fun fitness challenges are incentivizing and also encourage people to work out daily.

As it is cold outside and many gyms, pools, and yoga studios across the globe are closed due to lockdowns, it may take a bit more creativity to adjust your fitness routine, as well have the motivation to stick to it. That’s why fitness challenges offer an especially important solution these days.

Fitness challenges can be one week or one-month long and can take from two to ten minutes of your time a day. Plus, you can choose a range of exercises and levels that best suit your exercise goals and abilities.

The best part of such challenges is the daily practice; when you do an activity for a few weeks in a row, it can become part of a routine. And if you keep to your goal, you may see positive results in the mirror! Motivate yourself with a fitness challenge and have fun along the way.

Make a commitment
A fitness challenge is easy to do at home indoors; you just need a mat, a commitment, and a challenge. Try to find a buddy who you can text each day when you have completed your challenge and make sure you keep a chart of your progress, as suggested by My Crazy Good Life.

A great way to track your progress is to write down the time it took to complete the challenge and the number of repetitions you do each day. And make sure to schedule it in your calendar plus set a reminder on your phone.

Work out in the morning
It is recommended that you do your fitness challenge in the morning. To ensure success, choose a specific time and make it short. Working out in the morning is a great way to start the day as it wakes up the body and increases your heart rate, according to Runnin’ For Sweets.

A morning fitness challenge may also give your metabolism a kickstart, provide you with an early endorphin rush, and will help you burn fat, all before breakfast!

Pick an exciting challenge
So where do you start? You can choose to work on a specific muscle group, the whole body, or do a favorite sport. From squats to planks and from yoga to full-body workouts, Runnin’ For Sweets offers a variety of fitness challenges, as well as printable sheets for tracing your daily progress.

Combine mind and body with a 16-day fitness challenge from Art of Living including a daily meditation plus a workout that incorporates flexibility, strength, endurance and balance.

Use a fitness app
Downloading an app is a great way to get moving, and a myriad of fitness apps plus wearable trackers will help you keep to your objective.

Various challenges are available on these fitness apps and many are free. Signing up for a challenge adds that extra level of commitment and helps ensure you reach that goal. An example of a fitness challenge on android and iphone is the Small Steps, Big Goals Challenge by Runkeeper. Setting your fitness goals on Google Fit also helps keep you on track.

For more incentive, take up a fitness challenge on Map My Run and win a prize. Track your activity on Map My Walk or Strava, or by using a wearable tracker such as Garmin and Fitbit. When you wear your health on your wrist with an  Apple Watch, you can earn activity badges after completing a challenge.

Do you want to keep fit this winter by riding a stationary bike? Exciting cycling apps make fitness challenges fun. Map My Ride, Wahoo, Zwift and others are reviewed on Bicycling.

If you wish to place your achievements on the map, The Conqueror virtual challenge site offers incentives to individuals and teams around the globe. Trek the Appalachian Trail or follow the Inca Trail right through Machu Picchu, all from the comfort of your home. Simply sign up for a challenge, input your distance, and as you advance along the trail, view your progress in that exotic destination. Plus, win prizes for your effort!

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