World’s First Sheep-Counting Vacation Destination

Experiencing real life sheep-counting is now possible.


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Have you ever tried counting sheep to help you fall asleep? Chances are, you have. And whether it worked for you or not, a study published in Behavior Research and Therapy, suggests that distracting your brain with something like counting sheep may indeed help you fall asleep. And soon, reports Talker News, there will be a new and unique sheep-counting experience in Sussex, England, where people will be able to count real live sheep as they fall into peaceful slumber. It is called “The Shleep Sanctuary”.

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The power of sleep
Getting enough sleep is essential for people to maintain their health and wellbeing, explains Medical News Today. A mattress company named Emma Sleep that created the Shleep Sanctuary, claims that the power of a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be underestimated, and that people need it now more than ever. This is based on polls the company conducted that show that 23 percent of people polled claim their sleep is worse than ever before. 

The getaway experience will not only help people fall asleep but also be in a peaceful and serene environment which will help with the quality of their sleep. “Counting sheep is more than an old wives’ tale - it’s a tried-and-tested visualization technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep. They’re also longing for a serene and peaceful environment to drift off in when they’re struggling to relax, which is incredibly important for sleep quality," Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO of Emma Sleep, told The Argus.

The Shleep Sanctuary
The Shleep Sanctuary retreat can host two guests at a time and features luxurious amenities. The opening is slated for the summer of 2023 and will feature a double bed with the view of a field filled with, you guessed it, sheep. So after dinner and settling in for the night, guests will be encouraged to count the fluffy animals, which will be numbered, before falling asleep. 

The retreat is being built with research in mind. For example, the results from polling 2,000 adults showed that the sound of nature and fresh air are factors that help people fall asleep and have better quality sleep. Those are two important elements of the location chosen for the retreat. The beautiful surroundings and peaceful vibe certainly help create the peaceful setting as well.

How to count sheep the right way
Some people imagine lots of big fluffy white sheep and count them. Others count them as they jump over a brown fence. And the truth is, there is no right or wrong. Emma Sleep does recommend, however, to use as much cognitive ability as possible when imagining the scenario, with as much detail as possible. This is meant to distract you and is an effective cognitive strategy that can help you fall asleep. It also helps people to stop worrying about their everyday lives, work and other stresses they may be going through, which also helps to relax and to enjoy an improved sleep quality.

There is still some time until the retreat is ready to receive guests. So, for now, counting sheep is still left to the imagination. But soon, the experience of a unique vacation getaway with a great night’s sleep might be just a few fluffy sheep away.

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