You Answered: The 5 Qualities of Inspiring Teachers

We asked Goodnet Facebook fans to describe what made their favorite teachers so influential and inspirational. This is what they said.


A teacher with engaged kids

The best teachers know that a passion for learning is infectious. (wavebreakmedia /

What makes a teacher memorable? We all have a story of an incredible teacher who we credit with helping us become the people we are today. Goodnet’s Facebook fans were asked to describe an important teacher in their lives and explain what it was that made them have such an impact - these were the most touching responses.


Mrs. Dahle was my 6th grade homeroom teacher and also my history teacher. Because of the hands-on way she taught history, to this day I have this obsession with ancient history.” - Danielle Haring

“My elementary school art teacher - she was my teacher from kindergarten through 6th grade. Through those 6 years of school she helped me improve, taught me new techniques, would let me borrow some of her art books and altogether made me feel confident in my art. Today, I have my own art studio through her encouragement.” - Mariah Lynn Rosenthal

My 6th grade literature teacher, Mrs. Walsh, was my favorite teacher. Before her I never liked reading and now it's hard to find me without a book in my hand. She taught me that not every moment of the day is the best time for reading but when you're alone there is always an adventure or time to be had in a book.” -Will McClelland


“Mrs. Baird & Coach Brewster from Miller Intermediate School. They just had this way about them. They seemed to always know what was going on with us kids and always knew just the right things to say to us.”
- Tammy Cash

“Ms. Courtney Ormerod Wells was my teacher and cheer coach. She taught me to love myself no matter what anyone else says.” - Katelyn Goodlett

“Jannetta Carney and Stephanie Schultze! These two crazy ladies got me right out of my shell and made me realize my talent within. They saw something in me that wanted out and pushed me towards it. You two are the reason I never shut up!” - Kayla Thompson

“My former sophomore science teacher, Mr. Binns, taught us that we can do anything and be anything in life. He taught me a motto that I will forever live by: ‘I can, I will.’” - Diana Grace

“My French teacher Ms Elliott. taught me that it's okay to ask for help - that it's not a sign of weakness.” - Nikki Eldar

“My 8th grade teachers Mrs. Helman and Mr. Slone taught me that everyone is a person. They also taught me that I matter.” - Leila Smith

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“My 6th grade English teacher taught us fun ways to remember certain types of pronouns and different grammar rules, which I now have taught my own daughter.”
- Veronica Orin

“Mr. Steve "Flo" Florence of West Lafayette High School was my robotics coach. Through building competitive robots, he taught us how to work with others in a positive and constructive manner. He is the reason engineering is a big part of my life.” - Missy Lynn Tilton


“My elementary school math teacher, Ms. Smith. She taught me there's no such thing as a bad kid, only bad behavior.” - 
Holly Rose

“My 6th grade teacher, Sharon Ray. Coming from a rough background going into Mrs. Ray's class, she never once judged me for who my family was. ” - Kayla Dawn Patterson

“My son's first grade teacher, Mrs. Dodson, noticed his reading issues. Without her help and devotion, my son would never have learned to read. He was so clever, he was memorizing the books so he knew the answers. Thank you Karen Dodson for that.” - Lola Carter

An elementary school art  teacher with a student.

Inspired teachers see each student as a special individual. (wavebreakmedia /


“My teacher in primary school knew I didn't fit in with the other kids and was lonely so she used to give up her breaks just to talk to me or even let me read to her. She always listened and let me stay in when all the kids had to go out. I know it won't seem like much but to me it was everything.”
 - Holly Miller

“Beth Ann Krebs was my 3rd grade teacher. When I was going through surgeries for my brain tumor, she would come up and visit me while I was in Cardinal Glennon.” - Logan Sisk

“Miss Weingart of Lakewood High School gave great hugs. I started having classes with her a few years after my dad died. Mom was in a very bad depression, and my family just didn’t talk about feelings. Ever. I remember being sad and she gave me a simple hug. She empathized with me. I can safely say I loved that woman.” – Anonymous