You Talk, They Listen: The Chat Service for Emotional Health

7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand, online chat service that connects real people to real listeners.


7 Cups of Tea is a chat service that promotes emotional health and well-being

Whether you’re having a bad day, contemplating a big decision, or even just a little lonely, sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. This is where 7 Cups of Tea comes in.

The on-demand, online chat service provides a 100 percent confidential, judgement-free, secure space for you to share whatever’s on your mind. An an emotional health and well-being service that connects real people to real listeners, 7 Cups of Tea operates on the belief that talking to someone can provide a sense of relief - no matter the topic. All listeners are trained in the art of compassionate communication - they’re not there to judge, try to solve problems, or say what to do. They’re there to listen, to understand, to accept.

7 Cups of Tea gives you the space you need to help you clear your head - whatever that space may be. The service offers group support chat rooms, chat rooms for those suffering from depression, and even “bored and lonely” chat rooms. For those just wanting to get something off their chest, the anonymous chat service is available in 189 countries and 140 different languages.

7 Cups of Tea believes that we can all use a little love in our lives – yes, all seven billion of us. And what better way to fill that gap than create a support system – a community “free of stigma and stereotypes, and rich with love and support.”

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