Your Keyboard is a Musical Instrument, Your Screen is a Painting Canvas

Patatap is an app that makes anyone a creative genius

Apr 3, 2014

Screenshot of Patatap

The instructions are simple: press any key A to Z or spacebar, and turn up the speakers.  The new way to spend your days in front of the computer is called Patatap and is dubbed as an animation and sound kit. Now, get ready to be amazed. 
Once your fingers start exploring and tapping the keys, a musical and visual explosion bursts on your screen. Each key represents a musical sound, and with each stroke a flurry of colorful shapes and lines appear. 
The visionary behind the app is creator Jono Brandel who is intent on exposing the medium of Visual Music, a way to translate musical structures into visual imagery, to the masses. All wrapped up in one, the addictive, beautiful, entertaining and genius Patatap provides a delightful avenue to let your creative flag fly.
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