Your Next Tweet Could Save an Endangered Animal

WWF’s new campaign #EndangeredEmoji, is raising awareness and funds for real life animals in need.


Animal emoji.

These emojis represent real animals whose survival is threatened. (JosepPerianes /

Adding a smiley face, shining sun or a cute monkey emoji to a social media post can enhance the message more than simply using words. The World Wildlife Fund has taken a cue from the world of emojis and is using the colorful and animated icons to improve the lives of animals in need.
Through their new campaign #EndangeredEmoji, users are invited to tweet 17 handpicked animal emojis to raise funds to directly aid their real life animal counterparts. Each emoji is worth €0.10 ($0.11), and at the end of the month WWF will tweet users with their total #EndangeredEmoji use, providing a link to donate. There is no obligation to give financially and users may choose how much they wish to contribute – if at all.
This creative call to action is raising awareness of the world’s giant pandas, spider monkeys, Galapagos penguins, bluefin tuna and more, by harnessing the popularity of animal emojis to ensure that endangered animals are protected throughout the world – online and offline. 

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